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What People Are Saying

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We're Eco Friendly

We're Eco Friendly

Our innovative ESA® Program sets a high standard for responsible and sustainable growth in the automotive repair industry - and underscores our commitment to protecting the environment.

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Tune-Up Service

Is your car running rough? Is it hard to start in the morning? Then it is time for our Free Honest-1 21-Point Inspection to determine your possible tune-up needs.

Maintenance Tune-up

  • Thorough under-hood inspection of engine components.
  • Replace Spark Plugs (Platinum and Iridium are available).
  • Scan on-board Computer Data.
  • Inspect all fuel lines, filters and ignition wires.
  • If applicable inspect distributor cap, rotor, pcv valve and breathers

Major Tune-up

  • Includes all maintenance features of Maintenance Tune-up PLUS
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace if applicable distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, pcv and breather

High Performance Tune-Up

  • Same as major Tune-Up plus these features
  • Fuel Injection Service

Eco Tune-Up

  • Same as High performance Tune-up plus
  • Eco-360 fuel system cleaner
  • Lifetime Air Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs with Platinum or Iridium plugs

Why Change Differential Fluid

The differential is part of the gear box that drives the rear wheels on a rear wheel drive vehicle. It is used to convert the lengthwise flow of power from the engine through the transmission to the rear wheels. This change allows the engine power to turn the rear wheels and permits the wheels to move at different speeds.

The differential gears are submersed in a very thick fluid to protect the moving metal surfaces from friction and wear. Normal driving subjects the fluid to high temperatures which eventually break down the fluid. The result is metal to metal contact and extremely high heat that eventually prevents gears from turning the cars wheels. Proper differential fluid levels will reduce friction, wear , reduce shock and vibration. Checking the levels is part of our service. Remember this fluid is designed to do four things…. clean, cool, lubricate and cushion.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

This is one of the often missed steps in tune-ups and maintenance on cars and pickup trucks .It is a lot less expensive than having to replace or disassemble and clean a fuel injection system. Clean injectors help ensure: better fuel economy, cleaner emissions and peak engine performance.

When fuel injectors are dirty they can't deliver the correct spray of fuel required for proper combustion and as a result fuel economy and engine performance suffers. In the long run this can be costly or even begin to cause symptoms like:

  • Rough ldle
  • Misfiring
  • Poor Fuel Economy
  • And Much More

That's why fuel injector cleaner is a must. This is a service that can be done easily without having to replace any parts or any under the hood work. Normally in a tune-up, lots of things get replaced like spark plugs, distributor caps, wires etc. But with fuel injectors, running our additives in the tank and through the vacuum system of the engine will keep the injectors clean and running properly and optimally.

This cleaning system will clean from the tank forward…fuel filter, injectors, throttle body, valves, pistons and even the catalytic converter. It works by stripping away the clogging that builds up over time. And it can happen in every injector in your engine. So give them a good tune up and always ask for a fuel filter.
Transmission Fluid Exchange

It cleans cools, lubricates and cushions. Having your transmission fluid changed at recommended intervals will keep your vehicle running how it is supposed to….smooth and durable…and can save on costly repairs.

Manual as well as automatic transmissions can use many different types of transmission fluids. Automatic transmissions tend to generate a lot of heat which causes the fluid to degrade and loses its ability to protect and lubricate the parts inside the transmission.

It is a good idea to change the fluid when it is recommended by your certified technician or per your manufacture recommendations for both types. You also must follow your manufacture recommendation in order to validate and comply with your manufactures warranty. Not following your manufactures recommendation could voice your vehicle warranty. Both fluids can break down and allow contaminants to build up along with microscopic pieces of metal. The result is that these metal particles and contaminants float in suspension throughout the transmission and over time will lead to decreasing your transmissions lifespan. It is recommended by most manufacturers to have the manual transmission fluid changed as often as every 15,000 miles up to 60,000 miles. The automatic transmission also has different time periods as well.

If the transmission fluid is not changed on schedule, the transmission will be lubricated with metal shavings and other contaminants. This will result in a shorter transmission life and may end up being very costly. Therefore, it is best to have the fluid changed as soon as it is needed.

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