5 9/1/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care Paradise ValleyBy a twist of luck, I found this auto repair and service shop at Paradise Valley Mall, located on the West Side of the Mall next to the Chevron Car Wash, across the street from REI and Target. They serve Paradise Valley, Northeast Phoenix and Scottsdale.This business is also open on Saturdays from 9-4pm in addition to Monday thru Friday 8am-6pm.They saved me $2000 on my older automobile's transmission by taking the time to find out what was wrong with it and fixing it for a very reasonable price instead of just replacing it. The owner, Lyle, is a former GM troubleshooter from Ohio. He really cares about his work and his customers, and so does the shop manager Darren. It is very gratifying and reassuring to find an honest and competent auto repair shop with great employees who are personable and know their stuff. An important part of business success and customer satisfaction is the ability to develop good communication and a positive ongoing relationship with a customer. These guys are excellent with that.I just moved to the Phoenix area and will be using this shop as my auto mechanic and service shop. I've recommended them to several friends and neighbors. They're the best! Check them out.

4 8/30/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care San CarlosSan Carlos did a great job working on several of my vehicles. A job well done, always.

5 8/25/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care - Glendale116 degrees outside and go figure....my A.C. goes out!! Tom Young, and Honest-1 took my car in same day and had the issue fixed within hours. They had 7 other vehicles in front of me with the same A.C. issues so I was very surprised they had it done so quickly! Not only that, Tom stayed after hours and waited for me to pick up my vehicle which was very nice of him. Service was excellent, shop is very clean, and price for the repair can't be beat. Finding an "honest' mechanic is hard to find nowadays, but Honest-1 is exactly that. Honest.

5 6/18/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care MiddlesexAwesome place. Mark & Tony are true professionals, and live up to there slogan "Home of honest mechanics"

5 6/8/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care Daytona BeachI took my car thinking it had a vacuum leak, they were about half the price to diagnose it than other places. It ended up being a bad sensor. They got the part in the next day, drove me home and back to the shop to make sure i didnt damage the car anymore. Very helpful group of people! Oh yeah didnt charge me for time looking for the vacuum leak!!

5 6/8/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care Daytona BeachMy car was making this really strange noise, turns out it was the A/C. Left my car here a few hours and when I came back it was already fixed! Real quick service

5 6/8/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care Daytona BeachThese guys were great! Their fares were the lowest I could find, they were really friendly and explained everything they did to my car step by step! Extremely recommended

5 6/7/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care - GlendaleI had just recently spent a lot of money elsewhere to get multiple repairs on my car and my "check engine" light went off yet again. I took it into Honest 1 Auto, as they were the closest auto shop, not expecting to leave without spending at least a couple hundred for a diagnostic and repairs. I was assured that they would only charge me for the 1/2 hour diagnostic even if it took longer to find the problem. Well, they found the problem within minutes of completing the diagnostics...turns out that the previous mechanic forgot to connect a fan in my engine. To be sure that this was the issue, they connected the fan, tested the car, and confirmed that this was the source of the problem. To my surprise, when they handed me my keys (an hour or so later), I was told that there would be no charge for any of the diagnostics or the time they spent on it due to the fact that there wasn't really a repair problem!!!! I have to say that this was the most pleasant experience I've had getting my car repaired. Other than not having to pay anything, this was the cleanest shop I have EVER been to and the staff was professional AND ultra-courteous. I will confindently be bringing all of our vehicles back when I do need them serviced.

4 5/31/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care San CarlosDefinitely a mechanic I felt comfortable with. I had an issue with my car and took it here for the diagnostic test which was signifigantly cheaper than most places or the dealership (65$). It turned out I did need some work and parts so I said go ahead to do the work. My grandfather is a retired mechanic of over 40 years so I called him to see if it all sounded legit as to what they were doing- he said they did...and not only that- he called Brian (owner) and discussed what was being done. I felt much better and like I wasn't being ripped off which has happened before.The only reason I didn't give them a 5 star rating is because the day after I got my car back the check engine light turned back on, but happened to be a minor issue they didn't catch the first round so I had to go back the following day. Brian fixed the issue at no cost! My car is now running smooth!

5 5/5/2011

Honest-1 Auto Care - GlendaleI own four vans, one truck and two cars. I have had my vehicles serviced here for the last 6 months! Today, one of my employees reported noisy brakes. I took the van right over to Honest One. They served me pizza as I waited for the bad news about my brakes. The news was good! The Brakes were better than 50% and the noise was from the brakes being ceramic. He said No Charge and sent me on my way! Now that's my kind of Auto Mechanic. HONEST

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