5 7/24/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateWORST Mechanics I have ever delt with!

5 7/24/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateWill not be using your services! Tried to use a coupon of yours that the wife got me. Your rep said it could be used by phone. NO WHERE on the coupon did it mention this. Another scam!

3 7/2/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateSince my initial post on the morning of 7/1/17. The Manager, Bryan at Honest-1 Auto in Beaverton, OR has addressed our issue on 7/1/17. After meeting with my husband, they acknowledged their error, and checked back under the hood to find a spark plug hanging loose which was causing a misfire and my check engine light to come on. Since Bryan corrected the problem, my Ford SUV does not shake and the check engine light is now off. Although I appreciate Bryan's apology to me and my husband, it does not change the 1st time experience. Therefore we will not be back.

5 7/1/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateDear Honest-1 Corporate, please investigate your Leadership team, at your Honest-1 location in Aloha/Beaverton, OR (On 209th & TV Hwy). I simply took my 1999 Ford SUV in for a free 21-point inspection and a second opinion. When my truck was returned that same day my check engine light came on, and my truck started to shake when accelerating or braking. My truck was not in this condition before I brought it in to Honest-1 in Aloha, OR. I returned my vehicle back to Honest-1 in Aloha/Beaverton, OR (that same day). I was rudely addressed by your Manager, Bryan in front of my 5 year old daughter and other customers. This was my 1st experience with Honest-1 and the lack of professionalism and disrespect was jaw-dropping, especially from a Manager. My husband was very upset to know that his wife was mistreated while he was at work. I demand immediate follow-up with this Manager, Bryan. My 1999 Ford Explorer SUV was serviced on Friday, June 30, 2017 at 9:00 am. Now, on top of the needed repairs, I have to also address the costs of a shaking vehicle in regards to the check engine light that only occurred after Honest-1's 21-point inspection. Prior to Honest-1's inspection, my check engine light was not on, nor was my SUV shaking. Bryan immediately disowned the situation, and became aggressive towards me. The Manager, Bryan was not the least bit customer-centric nor cared to have an ounce of understanding regarding my concern. However, I will give Kudos to Matt, the technician who was the most professional during this matter but still did not yield a resolve. So much for first impressions! I will never consider Honest-1 for vehicle repairs or give a referral. Horrible and fraudulent customer service! Very disappointing!!!

3.5 6/19/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateI needed my alternator replaced and had look to do it myself but realized it was more complex and because I was riding on my battery I googled and found this place 6 miles from my location. The reviews was mostly positive so I called and asked if I could be squeezed in. Made it over and give my details to the clerk who gave me a price that I thought was to low for the work. Not sure why I mentioned it to him but he decided to let the tech look at it first. Of course he came back with a price of almost $200 more. Was hoping it would be lowered but thought it was fair. The team did a great job and were all very professional. Overall great experience and I will return

3 6/15/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateI recently went into honest one because the station is very close to where I live. I had problems with my battery this morning. After getting a jump from my neighbor, I had made it to the one off hamline/Hoyt in Roseville, mn. They wanted like $165 for the battery and another $100 to install it. That's insane guys!! I did find it at AutoZone for $130 for the battery. They installed it themselves and stayed there after to see if it worked. Otherwise, great customer service!!!

5 6/13/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateI have had a lot of work done on my car at Honest 1 in Alexandria, VA the past few years...I only wish I learned about them long ago! I appreciate their Saturday hours, too!

3 6/13/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateThe service was outstanding, but over priced.

5 5/27/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateNeeded a oil change to head out of town new to the Orlando area actually used Yelp to find a location close to me found Honest 1 auto care called and spoke with Kellie was super pleasant answered my questions scheduled me came in gave me what I needed and had me on my way! My car is foreign so I knew it was be pricey, but sent the svc was EXCELLENT I got it done! Come check them out won't be disappointed.

5 5/20/2017

Honest-1 Auto Care CorporateWhen my oil light came on, was so fortunate that the dealer had me on hold for more than 10 minutes,. Fed up with their shoddy service and with a neighborhood coupon in my hand called Honest 1 in Carrollwood. As it turned out, my car needed much more than an oil change. General manager Willie showed me the leaks under my car, and explained exactly what needed to be done. He really put me at ease, and everyone there was friendly and professional. Chelsea (a real sweethear) even drove me home, and my mechanic Bill came to pick me up when my car was ready. Same day and No suprises. Just a very pleasent experience. You don't get quality cheap, but my 10 year old car is now driving as if I just pulled it off, brand new, from a dealers lot . They even give classes in car care geared towards women drivers. Unless you have a mechanic in the family, there is no better place to trust your car.