If there are services needed we have the people and the equipment to get the job done right and done right the first time. And under car services are no exception. We specialize in all services so if we find a CV Axle is bad, or your Shock Absorbers are leaking we can handle it.

To keep your car Riding and running smooth and your manufacture requires some under the car services At Honest -1 we provide complete auto care including:

Wheel Alignment

Alignments are now more important than ever because most cars now have adjustments at all four wheels and any of the four can cause excessive wear on your tires. Any one of the four can have a bad part and need replacing. Ever wonder why that car on the side of the road and looks like a tire fell off? It's because a part failed and it's not fun trying to drive with one tire dragging down the freeway at 80 mph. We can set that alignment and fix any of those parts that are worn out quickly and efficiently while you wait in our comfortable lobby or we can provide our free shuttle service!

Front End Parts

There are a number of parts that help your car go down the road safely and smoothly from Tie rod ends to McPherson struts from Ball Joints to Idler Arms. What are these? Well our Honest-1 certified technicians know all these parts and more. We have the equipment and the tools to repair these important parts. Fixing them right is essential to a smooth and a safe ride and even fuel economy. Setting an alignment and having good steering parts can save you money on gas too. It's also essential that certified technicians diagnose and fix your vehicle right the first time so your family is happy and safely back on the road quickly.

Shocks and McPherson Struts

These parts are so misunderstood. No they do not hold the car up unless they are Air Ride springs .Their main purpose is to absorb road shock and to keep the tires on the ground. Our certified technicians are trained to not only determine if they are needed but how to install these very important undercar parts.


From our inspection process we can determine if service is needed on your transmission. If a complete transmission replacement is needed or if it just needs to have the fluids changed our honest certified technicians are there to help determine those needs and provide you the most cost efficient solution for you.


Yes we can even fit your vehicle with a new set of shoes. Nothing can improve your ride and handling than a new set of tires. Tires are black, they don't smell good and they aren't pretty. BUT they are what keep you on the road when you're driving 80 mph on the freeway. We will inspect them and set the correct air pressure every time you come in. Even if you only need air in your tires come in and we will gladly take care of that for you. Air pressure can cause bad gas mileage, tire wear and cause you unsafe driving conditions.

We also can handle exhaust work, brake services, wheel bearings , seals, front or rear axles, fuel pumps and we provide complete auto care!. If your car has one our certified technicians can check it, repair it and We WARRANTY all our work.

Why Choose Honest-1

  • Full 3 year / 36,000 Mile Warranty
  • Free 24hr Roadside Assistance (Ask for Details)
  • Complimentary Customer Shuttle
  • ESA Certified Eco-Friendly
  • All Makes & Models
  • Same-Day Service On Most Vehicles
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
  • Family Friendly Facilities
  • Children's Play Areas
  • No Appointment Needed
  • Internet Cafe & Free Wifi
  • Complimentary Beverages
  • Free Local Pick-Up & Delivery
  • Discounted Rental Cars Available In Most Locations
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